Fröbelsche Hofbuchdruckerei

Rudolstadt (1825-1875)

Carl Poppo Fröbel (1786-1824)

Carl Poppo Froebel, Printer to the Princely House of Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt, was a German classical philologist, high school teacher and publisher. Also known as Karl Poppo Froebel.

Zunächst als Professor am Rudolstädter Gymnasium und als Übersetzer tätig; kaufte im Jahre 1815 die Hofbuchdruckerei in Rudolstadt. Er ist der Vater von Günther Fröbel

His son was also Printer to the Princely House of Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt. In 1857, Hofdruckereibesitzer G. Froebel gathered together Freemasons in this region to restore this lodge, which had not met since 1829.

Günther Fröbel war ein Sohn von Carl Poppo Fröbel, der von 1811 bis 1878 lebte. Günther Fröbel druckte wahrscheinlich ab 1830 bis 1875

A younger half brother of Friedrich, Carl Poppo Froebel was born 2 November 1786 in Oberweißbach and died 15 March 1824 in Rudolstadt.

Since its inception in 1663, Rudolstädter Hofbuchdruckerei was among the most important economic and cultural undertakings in the principality of Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt.

Rudolstaft was a favourable geographical location for printing, because of the proximity to the fairgrounds of Leipzig, Nuremberg and Berlin, the university cities Weimar and Jena, and trade routes for distribution across Europe.

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