Louis Jahn

Vase and cover by Jahn, Louis, ca. 1862 (made)
Designed by Louis Jahn (born in Oberweissbach, Thuringia, Germany in 1839)

This impressive vase was made for display at the 1862 International Exhibition in London.  Minton made their largest and most impressive pieces for international fairs, to demonstrate their technical capabilities, the skill of their painters and the quality of their design. In 1863 the Museum paid an enormous sum for this vase at the time.

Ludwig (Louis) Hartmann Adalbert Jahn (1839-1911) was born in Oberweissbach and moved to Vienna before then joined Minton some time before the 1862 exhibition, where his work, including this vase, was shown for the first time. He painted to a high degree of finish, in a manner very close to the original easel painting he copied.

He left Minton to become art director at Brownfield’s in 1872, and returned to succeed Léon Arnoux as art director at Minton’s in 1893. In 1903 he became curator of Hanley Museum, where he remained until his death in 1911.

Source: Vase and cover | Jahn, Louis | V&A Search the Collections

Froebel Spirea in Oberweissbach

Friedrich’s nephew Theodore,(Theodor in German) and his son, Otto belong to the cultural history of Zurich (Switzerland) to this day. The Rieterpark in Zurich with its beautifully designed paths is part of their legacy. One of their plant hybrids, the Froebel Spirea or Froebel Plant is known throughout Europe and North America.

One thrives in front of the parsonage in Oberweissbach, where Friedrich Froebel was born. Continue reading “Froebel Spirea in Oberweissbach”

Froebel family tree

Family Tree located in the Oberweissbach parsonage, where Friedrich Froebel was born.

Froebel family tree
this photo was taken in August 2013 while visiting Oberweissbach, Thuringia, Germany.

Johann August Gotthelf Froebel was the oldest brother of Friedrich

Known as August, he was born on 3 Jan 1766 at Elxleben in the Principality Schwarzburg Rudolstadt and died between 1792 and 1796 at Arnstadt in Thuringia.