Julius Fröbel

Julius Fröbel (1805-1893), German journalist, diplomat and member of the Frankfurt Parliament (1848) Technique: steel engraving

In 1833, Julius became a naturalized citizen of Switzerland. Julius became a leader of the democrats, and in 1848 was elected a member of the Frankfurt Parliament (May 1848–June 1849).

On the dissolution of the parliament in 1849, he visited the United States, where he became editor of a German language newspaper, lectured in New York City, and was a member of the law firm of Zitz, Kapp & Fröbel. In 1850, he went to Nicaragua, Santa Fé, and Chihuahua as correspondent of the New York Tribune. In 1855, he was editor of a San Francisco paper. He returned to Germany in 1857. Efforts were made to expel him from Frankfurt, but he was protected on the ground of his naturalization as a citizen of the United States.

Source: Julius Fröbel (1805-1893)