Bird Sanctuary

Spectacular flying displays with Eagles, Falcons, and Condor

Experience the quickness of the Peregrine Falcon, the manoeuvrability of a Saker Falcon, Eagles swooping from great heights, the agility of kites, buzzards and other hawks, in the beautiful countryside of Thuringia, in the Ilmtal.

In Kranichfeld, you and your children can learn many interesting facts about the life and behaviour of birds of prey.

A special feature is the fabled Andean Condor. The Giant Eagle, the largest Eagle in the world, is the most impressive attraction in the flight demonstration.

Founded in 1992 at Castle Greifenstein in bad Blankenburg and moved in the year 2005 to Niederburg castle in Kranichfeld, Weimar: Tuesday to Sunday and all holidays.

Source: Der erste Thüringer Adler- und Falkenhof – ANTENNE THÜRINGEN