Albertine Froebel

Albertine Froebel 1801-1880 was a daughter Friedrich Froebel’s older brother, Christian.

Albertine married Wilhelm Middendorf

Albertine Froebel and Wilhelm Middendorf
Albertine Froebel and Wilhelm Middendorf

Beautiful family festivals cast a beneficent light, from time to time, like brilliant sparks of illumination, over the whole lives of the united friends of education. Such irradiation shone out on the 16th of September, 1825.

On that day were betrothed the two friends of Froebel, Heinrich Langenthal and the foster daughter of Frau Froebel, Ernestine Crispine, and William Middendorf and Albertine, daughter of Froebel’s eldest brother.

The pupils of the Institute had made a path on the celebration of this festival, for the ascent of the encircling mountain, that the happy couples, in the beginning of this most important era of their lives, might be able to look down from that height on the result of many years of effort. There was inward and many-sided joy on that day in the quiet, peaceful valley in the Thuringian forest.

This happy day was followed by a second, an ascension day in 1826, the day of marriages.