Fröbel Eames Studio: A History of Play

Eamon O´Kane, ‘Fröbel Eames Studio: A History of Play’ (2011), shown at ‘It´s about time ‘, Ben Maltz Gallery, Otis College of Art and Design, LA, USA, 2011.

Artistic research is about acquiring new knowledge. Through being more than the sum of a series of individual works, artistic research is a process that contributes to development and innovation. Based on art and design practices, contextualization, method and critical reflection, artistic research increases and develops understanding and knowledge within art and design.

Eamon O´Kane is Professor of Visual Art and Leader of an Artistic Research group at the Department of Fine Art at Bergen Academy of Art and Design.

The Universities and University Colleges Act of 1995 equates Artistic Research with Scientific Research. The ambition of Bergen Academy of Art and Design is to strengthen its artistic research to a high international level.

via Artistic Research at KHiB.