Caspar Froebel

The ancestry of Friedrich Froebel, the inventor of Kindergarten, has been traced to Caspar Froebel, who died on 14 June 1640 at Großgölitz.


Caspar was appointed to the office of Schultheiß (a village magistrate or sherrif). A Schultheiß (Middle High German: Schultheize, Latinised: Scultetus or Sculteus; also: Schulthies, Schulte or Schulze ) was the head of an administrative district, an executive official of the ruler. It was his duty to order his assigned village or county to pay the taxes and perform the services due to the ruler. The name “Schultheiß” originates from this function: “Schuld” (debt) and “heißen” (to order).

Source: Caspar Froebel


Caspar Fröbel was a farmer and Schultheiß in Großgölitz. His great grandson, Nicolaus Fröbel was born in 1684 in Leutnitz. Nicolaus was Schultheiß in Leutnitz, where he died in 1755.